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The brakes

The brakes of the car have had their share of attention too of course. I didn't just refurbish the old brakes, but I replaced them with others.

The brakes that were on the car were fine for a car this size and weight. But there is always room for improvement and this was a very easy modification to do.


The brake rotors of the Corolla GT-S front brakes are 238mm in diameter and 18mm's thick. And that does the trick just fine, you can easily lock them up or bring the car to a controlled stop.

But the kouki models (The face-lifted cars) used slightly bigger brakes. These used rotors with a diameter of 256mm and a thickness of 22mm. That gives them a bit larger braking surface and more steel to dissipate the heat generated from the friction, which is always a good thing. The brake calipers themselves have a bit more meat to them too and can dissipate more heat as well.


The hub uprights haven't changed with the face-lift so the mounting points for the brake calipers haven't changed either. So the brakes are interchangeable without any modifications. Now I only needed to find a set of the later brakes.

The E9 here in The Netherlands was all but extinct so it was going to be hard to get a set of the later brakes from those. But luckily for me, those exact same brakes were used on the 7th generation of the Corolla, the E10 series Corolla. 


New disc next to old disc  Difference in disc thickness

The difference between the original 238mm brakes and the later AE101 256mm brake discs.


The Corolla came equipped with disc brakes in the rear as well. Not bad in a time when most cars were still fitted with drum brakes in the rear as standard. These do their job just fine and will be refurbished.


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